CAVR: Chega! the Report, 2005; this is the complete report by the Commission of Reception, Truth and Reconciliation of East Timor.

The Timor Leste Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation (CAVR - the Portuguese acronym) - was set up in 2001 and functioned from 2002 until its dissolution in December 2005. It was an independent, statutory authority led by seven East Timorese Commissioners and mandated by UNTAET Regulation 2001/10 to undertake truth seeking for the period 1974-1999, facilitate community reconciliation for less serious crimes, and report on its work and findings and make recommendations.

Its 2,800 page report entitled 'Chega!' was presented to the President, Parliament and Government of Timor Leste following its completion in October 2005.

The  translation into bahasa Indonesia is to be found here.