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Brief description: 
Poso, Central Sulawesi, was a setting for significant violence between Christians and Muslims in the years after Soeharto stepped down. In the four years following the outbreak of violence in late 1998, an estimated 1,000 civilians lost their lives. As in Maluku, witnesses again reported the presence of provocateurs on both sides of the conflict, which helped fuel the violence. (Human Rights Watch, Breakdown: Four Years of Communal Violence in Central Sulawesi, December 2002) The conflict declined following a peace agreement that lacked a meaningful truth-seeking component. Soon, however, violence broke out between mobile police and community members in October 2006. (ICTJ - KontraS, 2011)

Time: 1998 - 2006

Location: Poso, Central Sulawesi.

Rights violated:

  • right to life

Victims: around 1000 victims died, many more had to flee.

Chain of events:


 In 2006, the coordinating minister of politics and security established a fact-finding team. Unlike the teams for Aceh and Maluku, the members of the Poso team were primarily police, military, government officials, and representatives of religious groups. The team worked for one month, conducting forensic investigations, interviews with police and local leaders, but only a few interviews with victims. The findings and recommendations were presented to and discussed with the coordinating minister. The media reported that the recommendations were to be implemented by the police force, but no details were publicly released. The team made findings on the sequence of events, with little criticism of police conduct. Similarly, the recommendations called for building trust and improving relations with the community, but did not adopt any significant measures for security sector reform. (ICTJ - KontraS, 2011)

Prosecution: none

Allegedly responsible: unknown


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