On 27 January 2016 the (local) court of justice in The Hague has issued three verdicts related to (so-called) “misbehaviour” by Dutch soldiers during the independence war (1945-1949). The state is held accountable for a case of the rape of an 18-year old girl who was raped by five Dutch soldiers in Peniwen (East Java) in 1949, and was ordered to offer a compensation of € 7500 to the woman.

In the autumn of 2016 the historical PhD-study by Rémy Limpach, entitled "De Brandende Kampongs van Generaal Spoor" was published in Dutch. The Dutch government decided to commission an independent study by three institutes into the human rights abuses during the Independence War (1945-1949).

Another verdict is related to extrajudicial executions in South Sulawesi in 1946 and 1947, whereby Robert Cribb was appointed as an external expert to investigate these executions. The court also orders the state to open the national archive for this investigation and to bring forward its own investigations.

A third verdict relates to torture of a man who was taken prisoner in 1947. The state of The Netherlands is ordered to clarify why it can denounce the facts and to come forward with its own investigation results on the case.

Early 2017 the Dutch paper NRCHandelsblad disclosed a procedure in 1953 by the widow of an Indonesian citizen who had been extrajudicially executed in 1948 in Kaliurang (Central Java). The widow, originally Dutch, was awarded a compensation of nearly 150,000 Dutch guilders. The victim, Masdoelhak Nasoetion was an advisor to then President Soekarno.

In all three cases the Dutch government claimed that the events had become superannuated, but in all cases the court rejected this claim. The cases were supported in court by the lawyers Liesbeth Zegveld and Brechtje Vossenberg.

For the Dutch language press release by the The Hague court and for the texts of the verdicts themselves, see: https://www.rechtspraak.nl/Organisatie-en-contact/Organisatie/Rechtbanken/Rechtbank-Den-Haag/Nieuws/Paginas/Drie-vonnissen-over-misdragingen-van-Nederlandse-militairen-in-Nederlands-Indie-in-1946-1949.aspx.

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